-Carson Byrd


The Voice of the Urban Millennial

The Millennial Mile was conceptualized by Carson Byrd, during his battles with depression. After dealing with inpatient hospitalization, he realized that the road to recovery was a process and required patience and determination to overcome. Being a former athlete, he leaned on running as a way to overcome his despair, and after disclosing his condition, he realized many people in his generation were dealing with mental health challenges as well. According to a report from outsidersonline.com, 64% of 5k participants are millennials.


Mental health is unique because it’s causes and cures vary from each individual cases. Millennial’s are the largest demographic in the world and last year an estimated one trillion dollars is lost due to people’s individual bouts with depression and anxiety. According to a study released last year, mental health issues are to blame for the loss of 12 billion days of productivity in the 36 largest countries in the world. In other words, anxious and depressed people across the world miss a total of more than 50 million years of work. (World Health Organization). Seeing both the benefit of running as a tool to combat mental health and the shear number of Millennials who participate in 5k runs, the idea of creating a run for awareness was born. Regardless of race, creed, religion, or sexual orientation, mental health is something all millennials, have either experienced or seen someone they know deal with. Instead of running from our problems, let’s

run the “Millennial Mile” together.



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